Hello out there!

I never thought I’d be a “blogger”. In fact, when my husband told me he was reading an ex-coworker’s blog last year (and what that meant), I gave him one of my “what?” looks. I found that very odd, and wondered why anyone would want to do that. Read about someone’s life, that is. I know, I know, “Well, what about biographies?” you say? But that’s different. Anyhoo, spring forward to a few months ago, when my husband says, “Baby, you should join Flickr”. I probably gave him another look, or asked “Why?” to which he replied, “I bet you there’s a Martha group”. He proceeded to show me a page, where my eyes went directly to a bag… the prettiest orange & white tote bag… and it’s been downhill ever since. That night, I discovered the world of blogs. I had no idea! I was coming across dozens and dozens, thanks to all of your blogrolls. It was insane. It is insane. It took me about a week to feel sated. I was so amazed at how many crafty moms (and non-moms) there are, and at the quality and quantity of your projects. I visited Etsy shop after Etsy shop, website after website, blog after blog after blog… you get the picture. Everything – from page design, to banner, to craft project, was so pretty and inspired me so much, it hurt. I could only dream to be as talented. Yet I try! So this blog is dedicated to the people who got me into this mess: my husband, and the women who first inspired me, and continue to do so. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Hello out there!

  1. Thanks for delurking and welcome to the highly addictive world of

    There are some seriously crafty chicks out there…I can’t believe all the talent in the blogosphere!!

    P.S. LOVE John Cusack. LOVE him…you are good people, my friend.

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