Constantly inspired

I am constantly coming across beautiful, cool, interesting, inspiring things (and people) while reading blogs and surfing the Internet. Besides the blogs I check every day, without fail, which are Posie Gets Cozy (so funny & inspiring, and such pretty photos!), Wee Wonderfuls (so talented!), and Angry Chicken (so creative!), there are dozens of others I like to check in on, and they all lead me to others I’ve never read, or websites with pretty things to look at, or Etsy shops with things I wish I could make (or just buy!). I love, love, love reading about Anna Maria Horner‘s life. She must be so busy with her FIVE children and exciting life as a designer, so I don’t get too disappointed if she doesn’t post every day. I also, out of habit, visit Pixiegenné daily. I love how she transforms vintage suitcases. So cheery and colorful! She links to videos on YouTube all the time, always something funny. You’ve got to watch this one, it’s hilarious!

I’ve been putting off posting my blogroll, because it’s such a daunting task. I’ve yet to finish copying & pasting all the links, and I feel it’s a dilemma deciding whether to include every…single…blog I have in my favorites, or just the ones I read all the time, or those and the ones I read less often, but still love, or what? Do I try to pick and choose the “worthiest” ones? That seems unfair. But I’ve gotta figure it out soon, because I feel I should share the love.

OK, last things I’m sharing today:

these tiny, perfect, surreal, fairy-like gardens

Scroll down to the 4th picture, after the text… can you believe that swing?! I love it. So neat.


this awesome children’s poncho

How I wish I could knit!


One thought on “Constantly inspired

  1. I am so with you – I HATE doing a blog roll. My blogroll is a mile long, yet I feel like I’m still forgetting a ton of great blogs. I really need to go back and revisit what I have because I’m sure I have some ourdated ones listed.

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