Favorites from last year

There are a few songs I love from last year:

“Hey There Delilah” by The Plain White T’s (my then-3-year-old learned a few words, and would sing them every time the song came on… “oh, what you dooo meee”!)
*I thought the singer would be a cute, slightly geeky, “alternative” brunette, but turns out, not so cute.

“Apologize” by One Republic (I first heard the Timbaland remix, and that’s the one I fell in love with, but really, both the original and remix are awesome)
*Again, I heard the vocals and imagined an “alternative” looking handsome brunette, but then I saw the video, and man! I wasn’t prepared to see a blond, GQ looking cutie. Whoa.

“No One” by Alicia Keys (my 4-year-old asked this evening, on our way home: “Mommy, what is this song name called?” I said, “No One”, and she said, “No, what is its name?” I guess that would be confusing for a toddler!)
*Love the beat and her vocals toward the end. Amazing.

There are a few movies I watched that I have to recommend:

“Waitress” with Keri Russell
“The Painted Veil” with Naomi Watts
“King Creole” with Elvis Presley
“Volver” with Penelope Cruz
“Everything is Illuminated” with Elijah Wood
“The Illusionist” with Edward Norton
“Little Miss Sunshine” with Toni Collette

Yes, I realize some of those are way old. Watch them anyway!


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