My 1st Etsy purchase!

I don’t remember why, but I decided to do a search on Etsy for fairies last week. Holy cannoli, did I get a ton of results. Did I look at each and every one? Why yes, I did. I fell in love with a tiny Waldorf inspired fairy, with long, flowing blue hair. I admit, it was the hair that captivated me. Oh, and she came with a teeny, tiny blue bird. I decided to go ahead and buy it, thinking it would look nice in my mainly blue & white bedroom. I got some money for Christmas from my mother-in-law, so that’s how I justified the purchase – “hey, it’s my money!”

She came 3 days later. I opened the small, very light and flat package, and pulled out the contents: a handmade drawstring bag, a handwritten thank you note, and a very sparkly and pretty business card. Squeal! Then I took my fairy out of the drawstring bag. Much smaller than I expected! Especially the bird! My gosh, the bird is almost microscopic. Not that these are bad things. I love my teeny tiny fairy and bird. A lot. Bunches & bunches. Check them out both on Etsy, and after I got ’em.


*Photo taken by Purple Petunia



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