Just now getting around to posting about Christmas! I know I’m not the only one playing catch-up, though. Anyway, remember the kitchen set I wanted for my daughters? My husband (ahem, grudgingly, I’m sure) said he’d buy it. It took him a few weeks, and I had a fit when I didn’t see them at Costco anymore, but they were still available, and so we have it now. Yay! Well, it’s still at my mom’s house, in the box, but whatever. Yay!

Checking out their new kitchen set. See big sister’s outfit? She put it together, all by herself. I was quite surprised, she looked très chic.

Talking to Grandma in Ohio on Daddy’s iPhone.


The tree skirt I bought at Pottery Barn Kids, the day after Christmas, 2006. Designed by the famous Lori Marie.

My son’s favorite thing to do when we had the tree.

Playing with sister’s tiny My Little Pony. Poor guy, he plays with girl toys all day, even dress-up! But we don’t care. It’s all right.

Fake snoring! He’d do that every time. Lay down on the “blanket”, pretend to sleep. Cracks me up.

Little sister got the Strawberry Shortcake baby doll she’d seen on TV, and kept asking for. Persistence, man… it pays off. She propped her up like that, by the way. She also requested that I undress her. ???

A lefty in the making?

Singing karaoke, to big sister’s new High School Musical Wii game.

He got a set of 3 Weebles in his stocking. The look on his face while playing with them was new… I couldn’t tell if it was curiosity, confusion, amusement, or slight frustration. We were amused.




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