Christmas haul

We went shopping the day after Christmas 2006, and I ended up buying about a dozen pairs of socks at the Gap, all on clearance, most of them patterned (dots, stripes, argyle), some solids. They were all of different pretty colors, and so nice & comfortable! I was so excited to finally have nice, quality socks. I feel like that’s such a luxury, I don’t know why! Maybe because all I’d ever had are plain, ill-fitting, cheap white cotton ones from Mervyn’s. For those of you who’ve never been to Mervyn’s, it’s a not-very-fancy department store. I’d compare it to JCPenney, even though I can’t stand that store. Mervyn’s is great. I love their children’s clothing, toddler’s especially. It’s inexpensive, cute, and practical. They also sell name brands, such as Carter’s, Levi’s, name brand tennis shoes, a bunch more. Anyway, I bought so many cute and cheap things at the Gap that day, that I decided to go again, but by myself this time! I received a $25 gift card from my brother-in-law, and decided to look for a nice sweater. I did end up finding one, they were $22.99, and had some angora mixed in, so they were very soft. I picked a navy blue one, and I love it. They also had loads of cotton long-sleeved tees (with puff sleeves!) for $7.99. I chose a medium blue and a red one. The last thing was a long, winter/trench coat, in dark brown. I really wasn’t thrilled about the color, it’s boring, but it fit perfectly, was warm, and was only $41.99, down from $128! I couldn’t pass it up, and the shorter coat I bought last year at Anthropologie isn’t warm enough (although I still love it). So that’s how I justified that.



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Then I went to Anthropologie, and saw the sweater jacket I’d seen online, just the night before. I ended up buying that, at $49.95, and a long, white cotton skirt that was in the clearance section, at $19.95. Score!

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My husband gave me the 1st 2 things on my wish list: the Diana+ lomo camera, and Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing book. I was so excited. He says he was going to buy me the 3rd, “Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts”, but it wasn’t “perfect” enough for me (I’m super picky about the things I buy, they have to be in perfect or near-perfect condition, especially books and magazines!) So he went to 3 different Borders, and they were all the same. I went to our local one a few days ago, and found the only one they had. The dust jacket wasn’t perfectly smooth at the top, but I was OK with that, so I bought it with the $30 gift card my mom gave me. Oh, but get this… I had a 30% off coupon, and had my $5 in Borders rewards available to redeem, so I was able to buy another book, “The Daring Book for Girls”, which was 40% off! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I love it when stuff like that happens. You know, like when you go to pay for something, and it ends up being even cheaper than you expected? Oh man, I live for that. Well, maybe I’m being a little over-dramatic, but seriously… stuff like that excites me. Oh ho ho, you know what else I’m excited about? The Le Creuset dutch oven I just bought online! I used some of the money my mother-in-law sent me. This could be an entire post on its own… I’ll try to keep it short.

We went to the mall on New Year’s Day, and I decided to walk into Williams-Sonoma on a whim, since it was a few doors down from Nordstrom, where I’d been looking at the tights that were on sale. Lo and behold, there was an entire table, piled high with discounted Le Creuset and All-Clad items. There were boxes upon boxes both on and under the table. I had an employee look in the back for a blue, round dutch oven, and he found one, a 5 1/2 quart. I should have just bought it then & there. I’m pretty sure the tag said $114.99. Well, I didn’t have my money with me, or my personal debit card. My husband would’ve had to pay for it, and I didn’t want to ask him. Men don’t understand these things! He was at the Apple store with the kids anyway. So I walked away. I could’ve gone back the next day, but no… I decided to see if my mom’s friend could give me his employee discount. Anything to save a buck! Geez. So I called the store to ask when he’d be working next, and they said he was still on the schedule, but didn’t have any hours. My mom hadn’t been keeping in touch, so that didn’t pan out. We could’ve pursued it further, but I was getting super antsy, so I just went back to the store. It’d been almost a week. You know what I’m going to say next, don’t you? That’s right. IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE. In fact, practically everything was gone. I had an internal hissy fit, which continued for the next 2 days. They checked the availability at the only other store in San Diego, and of course, they didn’t have any, either. I would have taken any size at that point. 5, 7, 9, 13 quart even. I just wanted my damn round dutch oven in Sonoma Blue!!! Ugghhh. I called the other store, in spite of what they told me, and the nice lady there checked what she had on her table. She had an oval dutch, and a bouillabaisse pot. She couldn’t quite describe its shape to me, so I decided to check it out for myself. Up I go, back to La Jolla, where I had just been earlier that day. The bouillabaisse was tapered, as I suspected, and I didn’t like that. The oval dutch I might’ve considered, but it was a little dinged up. Again, with the perfectionism. They checked the back for me, to no avail. I left, empty-handed and heartbroken. I had no choice but to pay the higher price online. Still on clearance, but add the shipping to it, and it’s almost $100 more than WHAT I WOULD HAVE PAID HAD I JUST BOUGHT IT THAT DAMN DAY. Oh, I was screaming and stamping my feet on the inside. Lesson learned. But hey – on the bright side, I finally have my dutch oven! Well, we’ll see what condition it’s in when it gets here. It better be up to my standards. Please, please, please.

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