I’m feeling a little depressed right now, and therefore have nothing fun to share, just a few wishes:

I wish I’d graduated from college.

I wish my husband didn’t have to worry about money so much, ergo, I wish his salary were higher, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about being a stay-at-home-mom.

I wish he didn’t have to consider getting a 2nd job.

I wish I didn’t have to look for a job.

I wish I didn’t feel like such a loser in today’s job market – meaning, I wish I had some sort of skill set, at least knowing how to type!

I wish I were good at something creative, so I could open up an Etsy shop and at least contribute a little, while getting to stay home.

Do I have any readers out there? Anyone have any words of wisdom?

One thought on “Wishes

  1. yes, me! I read ur blog…
    oh, yeah… stop worrying about money. b a pro blogger, u can stay @ home and still earn tons of $$$. try it, ask dad…
    luv u! ❤ ❤

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