Sorry for the depressing, self-pitying post yesterday. Now on to more pleasant things:

I got my dutch oven today. Cue angelic chorus: “Aaaaaaaahhh…”



It’s the 7-quart round, looks like just the perfect size for our growing family. Not growing as in we’re having more kids, mind you – growing as in the kids are growing. Sheesh.

My 3rd Etsy purchase, and probably my last (until I start working?), courtesy of my mother-in-law’s Christmas money:

ruffle handwarmers
*Photo taken by Jessica Rose

I bought the pattern, which she sends as a PDF. Only $8.50! I don’t crochet, but my girlfriend does, and she’s agreed to make them for my birthday next month. Whoo hoo!

A quote I like, and have placed in the frame of my magnetic dry-erase board in the living room:

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
-William Morris


My source? A Pottery Barn catalog! Can you tell I like symmetry? Oh, that’s my sister + mom in the picture, at my wedding. Probably the only picture I have of either of them flashing a genuine smile.

By the bye, did anyone catch “Inside the Actors Studio” with John Cusack? It was on at 1 in the morning. I like John Cusack. A name caught my eye as I was forwarding through the credits, so I rewound it, and it was the credit for “original music”: Angelo Badalamenti! Man, I haven’t seen that name since the days of Twin Peaks. I actually bought the soundtrack, and I’m pretty sure I still have it. On tape, of course!


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