Love, love, love!

First of all, I love the cover of February’s Martha Stewart Living.

Second, I’ve been working on my blogroll, and that means actually visiting the hundred or so blogs in my favorites. So, as you can imagine, this is gonna take a while. Because I visit these blogs, and they lead me to more blogs, or cool web shops. Then I start window shopping. Is there a virtual term for this? Monitor shopping? Screen shopping? Anyway, I discovered yet another Etsy shop that I’m now in love with. This artist/illustrator features Asian girls in her artwork, and one of them, “Mia”, reminds me of my daughter (little sister, my 4-year-old). So of course, I’m going to buy some prints. Especially since she’s having a “buy 3, get 1 free” sale! Thank goodness I still have some Christmas money left!

Many thanks to Belle & Boo… that’s where I discovered the Yumi Yumi shop.

Oh, by the way, I’m obviously also very much in love with the artwork Belle & Boo creates. Like I said, love, love, love!


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