Hump Day

Ok, that just sounds wrong. Why is Wednesday called “hump day” anyway?!

Big sister gets out of school at 12 on Wednesdays, which makes our morning kinda crazy (for me & the 2 little ones), seeing as how we’re such late risers. So we basically just get up, get dressed, eat if there’s time, and leave. School’s 20 miles away, and I don’t like getting there late, because then she’s basically waiting for me alone. Today was good, though. I didn’t speed on the freeway, we got there with a few minutes to spare, we came straight home, I fed the kids lunch on time (for once), and I got to work on my sewing project. We had a veritable smorgasbord today: fried rice from last night, a turkey & cheese sandwich, and 2 chicken pot pies. Big sister only likes the thin deli-sliced turkey cold cuts from Costco, so that’s all she ever has in her sandwich. I hope she becomes a more adventurous eater as she gets older.

I’m surprised my project is going so well. I haven’t had any issues with the bobbin so far. I don’t know why, but every single time I use my sewing machine, I have bobbin issues. The thread gets caught in there, and I have to fish it out, yank it out, whatever. Then I have to take out the case & bobbin, pull the thread through the opening, and draw it up again. It’s so frustrating. I did have to thread the bobbin today, and I usually dread that. So I grabbed my manual (that’s how much of a beginner I am!), and surprisingly, did everything perfectly, without any fear. How could I not do everything perfectly with manual in hand, you ask? Oh, you’d be surprised. I guess I’d done it enough times that everything just made sense now, and I wasn’t nervous. Boy, this not-waiting-until-the-last-minute-to-make-something sure is awesome. I should do it more often! I’m almost done, and I can’t believe it.

Shoot! I asked my husband to bring home a pumpkin pie because it was National Pie Day, and we forgot to eat it! Lame.

Funny side note: my WordPress editor has underlined my “seeing as how” phrase up there, so I did a search, and this is what I found:



Damn, I guess I’m countrified and unacceptable.

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