Introducing Mr. Too-Tall Toadstool!


So this is what I’ve been working on, for a special little birthday girl. My girlfriend’s daughter had her very 1st birthday party today! She looked so cute in her leaves-all-over woodland costume. Mommy was quite fetching in her leaf dress, as well. She teased her hair into a half-ponytail bouffant, and put a few butterflies in it, it was so neat.

I’d originally wanted to make a mushroom house, inspired by Bella Dia’s, but it just didn’t work out. Mine ended up looking more sculptural, since it’s so damn tall. It’s 22 inches tall! Yikes. I didn’t want to use any more materials than the 3 I already had, and the linen door and window just weren’t cutting it. I had also originally wanted to make the door functional, so that she could open it and put a tiny doll or friend inside (of the plush variety!), but I could not for the life of me figure out how to do that, how to build or sew an inside. Not with only a few days left before the party, anyway. I suppose I could do it, with enough time. I looked all over for a pattern or tutorial on how to make mushroom houses, but didn’t find any. I think I did OK, considering. I kinda like it.

Here it is with the door & window I didn’t like:



I had a tiny bag of leftover stuff from big sister’s 1st birthday party, 8 years ago, and thought it’d go nicely with the whole theme. Besides, I couldn’t leave the white bag devoid of any prettiness!

3 fairies! The one on the left is my girlfriend from high school, the one who’s crocheting the handwarmers for my birthday. That’s her older sister in the middle, also my friend from high school. That’s my eldest, “big sister”, on the right.

The woodland elf hat that took me forever to make.



The birthday girl and her mommy!

A certain little elf being naughty!


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