Another birthday to get ready for!

Big sister chose this year’s birthday party theme a few weeks ago: Harry Potter!

I’m all for it, I absolutely love the books and movies. However, I don’t quite know how to throw a Harry Potter-themed party. I can handle anything else, I usually have ideas galore, or sources to help me, but I’m stumped on this one. So I was pretty stoked when we went to the Borders Express at Fashion Valley yesterday, after the party, and found a sorting hat and Hogwart’s build-it kit. The sorting hat is super tiny, palm-sized actually, but at least it’s something. It actually assigns houses! The Hogwart’s build-it kit is made of cardboard pieces, but it seems really cool, and you can configure it in several different ways.

I don’t shop at that specific bookstore, but I had to go, because they were having a going-out-of-business sale, and yesterday was the last day. So all the books were 40% off, and all non-book items were 75% off! Had I known this, I would’ve gone sooner. In fact, I did actually want to, since they sent me the e-mail, but we just never got around to it. I ended up buying those 2 things, a Dora book for little sister, and “Naturally Clean: The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy, Non-Toxic Cleaning”. I’m very glad I came across it, I’ve been wanting a “bible” of sorts for natural cleaning. I don’t like to buy books on impulse, I normally do research, read reviews, etc., but it just wasn’t possible in this case. I’m sure it’ll work out fine.

sorting hat


Naturally Clean

I love a good bargain.


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