My daughter is very particular.

Please excuse the blurry photo.

This is what little sister has for breakfast, a few days a week. I’m not sure where the idea came from, probably IHOP or something. I’m pretty sure she just asked me one day if she could have chocolate chips on her waffle. It’s yummy, especially if the waffle is warm enough to slightly melt the chips, just so that they’re barely soft. Of course, you could also microwave it for a few seconds. I’m also very particular (no surprise there), so this is how I prepare waffles:

1) toast on setting #6, on our 4-slice Krups

2) when done, let sit for under a minute, flip over, and toast on setting #2

3) butter with unsalted butter

4) pour real maple syrup over one waffle, pick up and turn so that every nook & cranny is covered; if having more than one, do this above another waffle, so that excess syrup gets poured onto it. repeat as necessary.

5) microwave waffle(s) for 10 seconds

6) if using, sprinkle chocolate chips all over

This causes the syrup to be absorbed into the waffle, the butter to melt, and makes for no wasted syrup. That stuff’s expensive!

She asked me this morning for one more chip, because “Something something a square”(?) I honestly have no idea what she said, but after looking at her waffle, I understood. She was missing one chip at the end of her square, on the left. She had to make both sides the same, you know. So I gave her one more. That’s the one on the left edge up there. It wasn’t until I looked at this picture that I realized there’s an errant one on the right side. But I’ll keep it to myself… I wouldn’t want to burst her bubble.

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