We’ve had the kids’ IKEA tent set up in the living room for a few days now, in front of the couch and off to the side, blocking the left arm… so I’m lying on the couch, computer in my lap, looking for Harry Potter stuff, and little sister comes over to tell me something, rather hyper and excited, bouncing a little. She gets this way every night, before bed. Mid-sentence, she falls backwards into the tent, and without missing a beat, says, “I meant to do that.” Oh my gosh, that gave us a good chuckle, because A) she’s never said that before, and B) it just sounds so grown up coming from her! She just turned 4, and I know that’s not such a baby-ish age, but she is still technically a toddler, and honestly, her speech and grammar aren’t as advanced as big sister’s were at this age. Kids!



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