The “yucky” store

I’m afraid the Amvets thrift store down the street, and possibly every thrift store we visit from here on out, will forevermore be referred to as “the yucky store”. We went there yesterday, to look for goblets for the upcoming Harry Potter party, but didn’t buy anything. I noticed a sign by the door advertising 75% off every item with a yellow or white tag, but of course nothing I wanted qualified. So I came home, and called my girlfriend, who’s an expert thrifter. Or should I say lucky? Either way, she finds the best stuff at thrift stores. It always amazes me. Does it help if you go often? I went every once in a while with my sister when I was in high school, but I’d only been maybe twice in the years since. So as with everything else I’ve been seeing in my daily blog reading, I’ve been inspired to try thrifting again. My friend informed me that they have this type of sale all the time, it’s just sort of hit-or-miss. I had seen a bed sheet that I liked, and after learning about the different daily sales, decided to sleep on it. I called this morning, to ask if there was a sale today, and it turned out that all bed linens were half off! Most of everything else was also half off, except for items with a blue tag. So I hot-footed it over there, after school and grocery shopping. Little sis asked me where we were going, and I said, “The store we went to yesterday”. Big sis said, “Baskin Robbins?”. I said, “No”… little sis said, “Party City?”. I said, “No, geez, you guys have a good memory! We’re going to the thrift store, you know, the one that smells kinda yucky, and has all the old stuff in it”. Oh, the moans and complaints that ensued! Big sis said that store was boring, little sis said she didn’t want to go to the yucky store. I said, “The store isn’t yucky, it just smells kinda yucky! Oh, nevermind”. I told them they didn’t have a choice, so little sis asked if they could hold their noses. You know, because of the stench and all. Good lord.

Anyhow, thankfully the sheet was still there. Yay! I decided to browse some more, even though I had all 3 kidlets with me. It got a little hairy, especially when I had to pry my son away from the toy section. But we made it out of there alive! With some treasures to behold:

1) $4.95 – a puppet theater by Manhattan Toy, that I’d seen at Target(?) and really liked

2) $2.98 – a beautiful, crocheted baby blanket – I suppose it could be knit, like I’d know the difference!

3) $1.95 – a pretty bohemian skirt for big sis

4) $1.98 – a purple & white Laura Ashley bed sheet

5) $2.48 – a Sully vest (yes, I know we already have a Sully costume, but it was too cool to pass up!)

I’m very happy with my $15 purchase. Especially after hearing my son say, “Wow!” when he saw the theater on the floor, after I’d taken it out of its plastic seal. That was so cool. He and little sister immediately started playing with it. I acted out the “Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise” for them, which they all know by heart, and they got so into it! That was funny. I love seeing my kids happy.







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