Hunting for books

The day I searched on for the image of the book I bought recently, “Naturally Clean“, I read about several other similar books. The ones I focused on were:

The Naturally Clean Home
Better Basics for the Home
Clean House, Clean Planet
Clean & Green

I think I read every single review… then I went to Borders with my 40% off coupon in hand. Now, I normally search their inventory online first, to see if they have the book I want. Of course I didn’t do that this time, so of course they didn’t have ANY of the books I wanted. Brother.

They did have one tiny, attractive, water-proof book, full of natural cleaning recipes. It even had a glossary for all of those symbols on clothing tags, you know, the laundry care ones? I was about to buy it just for that, I’ve never seen that sort of glossary or guide anywhere! Man. I was pretty excited about that. The book is called “Green Clean”, it’s really neat, compact and concise, has a clean and easy-to-read layout. Anyway, I ended up not buying it because it was too beat up. It had a huge, dirty scratch on the cover, too. Unacceptable! Well, that, and there was a minimum purchase of $20 required to use the coupon. So I was pretty disappointed about going home empty-handed, especially since I had this awesome, once in a lifetime coupon! Ugh, I hate that. So I started speed-walking toward the exit (because I’d left my son at home, screaming – safe with his Dad, but screaming), glanced down at a book shelf, realized I was in the crafts section, and -rrrrrr!- slammed on the brakes. “Aha!”, I thought to myself… I should see if there’s anything I’ve been wanting from here! I looked for a book on needle felting, and they didn’t have any. Drat. Then a light went on, and I thought of Lotta Jansdotter’s pattern book, then Amy Butler’s book. I remembered I really love Amy’s clutch purse, so I looked for that one. Well, they had both. Decisions, decisions! I picked Amy Butler’s, for the purse, and the organizing bins. I’m honestly a little scared by the patterns, they look lengthy and complicated. I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

We had some spare time today between picking up big sis, and ballet, so I decided to go to the library. I looked for the books I’d seen on amazon, and they actually had one! Awesome. I checked out “Better Basics for the Home”. Can’t wait to read it. Oh, and would you believe that the book Borders had, “Green Clean”, is the only one with 5 stars on amazon? Geez. I might’ve asked an employee if they had another one in the back had I read that yesterday.

amy butler

better basics for the home

green clean
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