My poor baby

I took little sister to the dermatologist today, because her Eczema’s been getting worse, and her pediatrician suggested we go. She told me a few months ago I could give her Benadryl every day, before bed, to help with the nighttime itching, so I did, but it didn’t do much, if anything. So I was told today that I need to start “wet wrapping” her itchy, inflamed areas, which are both elbows, and practically the whole of both legs. It didn’t used to be this bad, it was just behind both knees before. It was the crook of her elbows, and behind both knees. It’s spread a little beyond her elbows, onto her upper arms, and all over her damn legs. The poor thing scratches her legs practically all night, every single night. How do I know? Because she gets up in the middle of the night, and climbs into my bed.

So the wet wrapping involves applying a stronger steroid, hydrocortisone 2.5%, then aquaphor (I will be using vaseline, thank you very much), then wrapping a wet gauze around her legs & arms, then a dry one, and finally putting her pajamas on. We also got a prescription for Atarax, or hydroxizine hydrochloride, which is supposed to calm her system down (it treats anxiety and dementia(!), but is also an “anti-itch” medication), while the wet wrapping lets her skin heal itself. Ugh. The dermatologist said it’s labor-intensive, and then asked if I have other kids at home. Why yes, I do. But I already lube her up before bed, so I’m sure I can get into this new habit, too. I really, really want her to stop itching. It gets really tragic sometimes. She scratches so bad sometimes, she bleeds.

Did you know that Eczema is becoming more and more common? It’s become so common, that they’re actually dedicating an entire wing to it at Children’s Hospital Dermatology. I can’t believe that. It’s horrible. Just another reason, to me, that we need to become more proactive environmentalists. Don’t you think?



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