My abs hurt

I went to a birthday party last night in honor of my girlfriend and myself… the theme was “casino night”, and it was “no kids allowed”! That’s the first time we’ve ever done that. It was weird, but fun! I went stag, because my husband was watching our kids. My friend/neighbor had agreed to babysit for us, but her bedtime is 11-ish, and my husband didn’t want me to have to worry about leaving the party at a certain hour, so he offered to stay home. What a guy, huh? I’m sure his aversion to getting dressed up played a part, but whatever.

So since I was without children, and had a few hours to “let loose”, I decided it would be OK if I had a few drinks. Mind you, I don’t drink, EVER. I just don’t like alcohol. I HATE the taste and smell, and think it’s stupid to spend money on something that poisons your body. Like there isn’t enough of that in the environment! Anyway, I didn’t know what to have, so my friend’s mother-in-law told me to grab a martini glass, and put a scoop of ice in it; then she poured in a shot (well, less, probably) of light rum, and filled up the rest with some passion fruit-flavored mojito mix. Then she said, “Stir vigorously!” So I did, then tasted it… it was yummy! I ended up having another, so I had 2 drinks, back-to-back. I felt the effects pretty much right away! Hey, I’m a super lightweight – I only weigh around 91 pounds. I wasn’t tipsy or drunk or anything, but I definitely had a good time. It probably just loosened me up a little. I ended up having a few good laughs, the kind that make your abdominal muscles ache… hence the sore abs. It was weird, because it seemed like I had my 2 drinks, it was fun for a little while, and then it was gone. So fast. I was surprised! That’s probably a good thing, because there was plenty of time to make sure I was fine to drive home. Thanks for the fun night, you guys!

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