I love my new pot!

I really wanted my first meal out of the dutch oven to be a pot roast or beef stew, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. We had red bell peppers, tomatoes, and avocados that were on their way out, so I decided to make chicken fajitas. We never ever had “fajitas” growing up, by the way… none of my relatives had ever even heard that word, not until recent years, and only here in the states. It just seems so American, even though it’s supposed to be Mexican. But I digress! So all I needed was tortillas, cilantro, and a chili pepper. I was going to make salsa with the tomatoes, chili, and cilantro, and fajitas with the bell peppers, chicken thighs from the freezer, and the tortillas. We went to our local Mexican market and bought those 3 things, plus a Mexican cupcake/muffin for my son, who was crying in the cart while we were in line. I gave it to him just to shut him up keep him quiet. So really, it was 4 items, all for $2.47. Nice! So I got started in the kitchen, and it wasn’t until after I had assembled all my ingredients that I realized we didn’t have any onions! Damn it! But thankfully, I found half an onion in the fridge. Whew.

So I could just as easily have made this in my old pan, but I love that I don’t have to worry about any yucky, scary teflon with my Le Creuset. It was such a breeze, I had plenty of room to stir without fear of spilling, and it was so easy to wash. Ohh, I love it!!



Why is it that a fancy camera makes everything look 10 times better?


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