Mmmm… yummy childhood memories


I used to have these all the time, when I’d go visit my family in Ensenada, Baja California. I spent nearly every summer there growing up, besides going a few times a year with my mom, sister and brother. With the exception of 2 siblings, my mother’s entire family is there. She has a brother here, and a sister in Mexico City. They’re not the only Chinese people in Mexico, either. There are lots! I was surprised to learn that growing up. Anyway, my aunts were in charge of me, and they let me have basically whatever I wanted. To a degree! Not because I was spoiled, or they’re into spoiling kids, but just because they’re sweet and nice like that, and we all loved each other so much. They’d buy me pan dulce whenever I asked, let me have a sweet here, a bag of chips there. I was a good kid, and always willing to help with the housework or babysitting.

So, whenever I go to a store that carries Mexican products -sweets, mainly- the childhood memories come a-rushing. These were a favorite (there are so many!)… kind of like a MoonPie. I’ve tried moon pies before, and frankly, I think they’re nasty! At least, that’s what I remember. But Mamut (say “mah-moot”) are great. Of course not good for you, but I’m sure you could’ve figured that out.


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