I am officially losing my mind… and holy smokes!

Ok, it was a crazy, stressful day. I thought I was doing well, time-wise this morning, but I forgot I needed gas, and I was going to be cutting it extremely close. I was supposed to be at my mom’s by 12 to drop off the 2 little ones, so I could go to hand therapy. I called her 3 times to ask if she could wait for me outside, so I could just drop off the kids and speed off. No answer. I didn’t have a good feeling about that. So I got gas and made it to her house by 12:30. She wasn’t freaking there!!! That is not the first time she’s done this. She’s been disappointing me these last few months, and normally, she’s super dependable. I waited for maybe half an hour, until almost 1. My appointment was at 1! I had to ask my mom’s house guest if he’d watch the kids, not knowing when or if my mom was coming home. Geez, what a disaster.

I sped off to UCSD in La Jolla, missed my exit, got off at the next one, got on the 5 South, made it to the parking lot by 1:12, and ran my ass all the way to therapy. So ladylike, running at full speed in my pretty Anthropologie skirt and black flats. Lord.

I was out by 2:00, and drove back to my mom’s house, worried about the kids, and wondering how well they’d been taken care of. My mother-in-law called me on my cell, wishing me a happy birthday, and we got to talking. Well, who do you think beeped in on my call waiting at 2:22, just as I’d exited the freeway by my mom’s house? My eldest! I saw her name on my phone, looked at the car clock, and wondered for a split second why she would be calling me. OH SHIT! I forgot to pick up my daughter from school!!! I was supposed to leave the hospital and go directly to school. What in the what?! How could I forget to pick up my daughter??? I called her back, and she said,”Mom, where are you?”. I told her to wait for me in the office, and I made my way there, forcing myself to breathe and calm the F down. I was not having a good day.

Fast forward to 6 PM, when my husband gets home with dinner from my favorite Thai restaurant, Thai House. He went to our HOA election meeting for a short while, and when he came back, he and big sister gave me my birthday surprise. It was a small cylinder, I had no idea what to expect. I read the label, and was rather confused. It said “Bar Keepers Friend”. I tried to speed read the entire thing, racking my brain as to what I would need it for. I didn’t get anywhere. It was all happening too fast, I had a crying baby on me, kids talking all around me, and then big sister and my husband both told me to look on the patio. What? The patio? Did he get me some patio furniture? So confused. Big sis opened the door for me, and there was a huge box, wrapped in what looked like Williams-Sonoma paper. I recognized the pineapples… and then it hit me. No!!! You didn’t! It was the All-Clad stainless steel pots & pans set that I’d been coveting. The astronomically expensive set I’d been coveting, and wasn’t going to consider buying until 1) we won the lottery or 2) I got a job at Pottery Barn Kids, so I could use my employee discount. Holy smokes.
*Image from williams-sonoma.com

The kids were fine, my mom was there, and she’d arrived a few minutes after I left. Phew.

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