Birthday eve

My birthday’s tomorrow, on the 11th! I’ll be 31. My gift to myself: access to my bedroom closet & bathroom. I was in there all day today, or at least trying to be, as much as my kids would allow! My room was definitely worthy of a “Clean Sweep”. I was tempted to take pictures of “before” to post here, but I think it’d probably make some people nauseous. There was literally about a foot-wide path from the door to the bed, with clothes, bags, boxes, and just general clutter and junk on either side. Well, to be fair to myself, my son’s bassinet and changing table are immediately to the right walking in, so that makes it really cramped. I can’t bring myself to get rid of the bassinet… it’s the white wicker one from Pottery Barn Baby, and my husband drove all the way to Mission Viejo to buy it for me, when little sister was born. It was $300! Needless to say, I am very attached to it.

So I’m not done with the room, frankly, I didn’t think it would take me this long! Really, my only goal this weekend was to be able to walk into the bathroom and closet without having to raise my leg 3 feet in the air to step over the crap blocking my way. But then in a fit of cleaning rage, I decided to overhaul the entire closet. It’s not big, mind you- they call it a “walk-in”, and it does have a normal door, and you can technically walk in and close the door behind you, but space and storage-wise, it’s the same size as a regular, apartment-sized closet. How I wish I could someday have a real walk-in closet!

I am really excited about one thing, though: my new purse rack! Who knew such a simple, inexpensive thing could bring about such transformation?! It’s placed on my closet door, so that the purses hang inside, and not outside. I didn’t want to have to see them on a daily basis. Now, when I’m inside the closet, I feel like I’m in my own personal purse boutique! Honestly! It made me quite giddy.

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It holds 16 purses, and I did use every hook. I could probably use another single one, though. But I’ll just leave my hanging sweater shelf, which houses my clutches and other random, smaller purses & bags. I made room in it, and was able to put some shoes there that didn’t previously have a home. It’s getting so organized in there, I love it! Now onto the area in front of the bathroom, and the rest of the room. Darn it, I have to start working on the Harry Potter party. Ohh, wish me luck.


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