My mama beat me to it.

My mother is an experienced sewer, but she decided to take a class last fall, to learn more. It’s a free class, and it’s loosely structured, so not everyone works on the same thing. Basically, the teacher comes around to you in turn, and helps you with whatever you’re working on. Anyway, when I was at my mom’s yesterday, she showed me the dress she’s been working on. It’s a copy of a yellow, cotton jersey, tank dress of hers from the 80’s. She made sure to show me all the serging she did, saying, “Look at that!” She’s so excited about it. It’s the little things! I scolded her about it, telling her she could very well do that at home, since we gave her a serger years ago! She’s been so afraid to open it. First her excuse was, “I don’t have the thread”, then it was “I don’t know how to thread it!” I’ve told her so many times to just watch the damn instructional video that comes with it, but she’s stubborn.

So after she was done showing me, she told me about her most recent fabric store visit, which was at Beverly Fabrics & Crafts in Clairemont. They went as a class, and she bragged to me that hers was the best find, out of all the students’: some upholstery-looking brown fabric for $2 a yard. She explained that her current sewing bags, 2 random tote bags, are becoming too cumbersome, and that her teacher suggested she just get a huge one. Then, she whips out a small, flat paper package…

amy butler pattern
*Image from

“Heeeey…” I said, pointing at it – “That’s an Amy Butler pattern!” I was going to buy an Amy Butler bag pattern! I had never seen one in person before. My mom is not in tune with what’s going on in the newer, younger, dare I say, “hipper”, sewing scene. Yet here she was, in possession of a pattern by a designer who is all the rage these days. So, yeah, I was pretty shocked my mama beat me to it.

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