Crushes & stuff

“There’s this boy in my class, and he has a major crush on me…” says big sis. She’s explaining to her dad why she got a valentine, carnation gram, and a box of chocolates from this boy in her class. They’re 8!!! Is it starting already?!

My son was with us for ballet today, and I wanted him to fall asleep in the car, so we went for a drive before class. La Jolla is right next to Pacific Beach, so I decided to drive there. It’s a nice, leisurely drive, and it’s rained all day, so it was even slower getting there. I thought about getting us a nice treat for Valentine’s Day, and decided that since I didn’t have a birthday cake (neither at our party, nor on my actual birthday!), I’d go ahead and treat myself, and us, to something fancy from Michele Coulon Dessertier. They made our wedding cake, and are well known and respected in the wedding/catering business. I was thinking about their lemon macadamia tarts, but they didn’t have any. So I chose a white chocolate mousse + raspberry jelly tart. I wasn’t thrilled with the price, $9, but you definitely get what you pay for! Oh my gosh, the crust was perfect… perfectly, evenly baked, with such a heavenly flavor. I could even see the different layers, looking at the cross section. I hate to sound like an ad, but Michele uses only the freshest, mainly organic, ingredients. I don’t consider myself a “foodie” or gourmet, but you can definitely tell the difference. I kind of felt like Rémy in “Ratatouille”! Waxing poetic (in my head!) about how wonderful the flavors were by themselves, but when put together, just melded into pure heaven. Man. I took all the berries off, though. Can’t stand all those tiny seeds.


Our gifts to the girls:

Build-A-Bear pink teddy bears

tin mailboxes holding chocolate kisses, and their valentine from me

DVDs – High School Musical Concert for big sis, Strawberry Shortcake for little sis, from Dad

strawberry marshmallows for little sis

flowers from Dad


We didn’t have anything for brother, but by the looks of things, he was perfectly happy with the m+m’s. They are his favorite, after all.


I also had this for the girls:

Valentines by Tascha
Valentines by Tascha, image from

Here I am at 31! Getting a kiss(?) from brother on my birthday:



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