Harry Potter on the brain!

Dude! I’ve been so immersed in Harry Potter today, that I totally forgot about my 10:45 PM blog posting deadline. If I don’t sit down to post by then, it ends up being posted as the next day. Drives me nuts! Ughh!

So I’ve spent my entire Saturday either shopping for the Harry Potter party, at Joann and online, searching for the best deals and discount codes, or researching for all the props, décor, and activities. This has got to be the most expensive party, by far! I knew it’d be a hard one, but I didn’t think it’d be this expensive. I’ve made a vow that for the next few years, the girls’ parties are going to be kept simple. Cheap and simple. Like an ice cream party, a cupcake party, a rainbow party. I’m excited. Excited about not having to do tons of preparing and shopping and THINKING.

I have purchased so far:

sorting hat
Harry's wand
Hermione's wand

frog mold

1. robe
2. non-talking sorting hat
3. Harry’s light up wand
4. Hermione’s wand
5. plush Hedwig
6. Hogwart’s banner
7. frog candy mold

Plus a pack of 3 iron-on transfer sheets, so I can make some Gryffindor badges; gold & burgundy fleece, so I can make Gryffindor scarves; white feathers, for quills; and sealing wax, for the invitations.

Still need:
black cauldrons from Party City
gold coins
gold plates + utensils
borrowed goblets or gold paper cups
baby food jars for potions class
potion ingredients
wood dowels for wands
composition books for each child’s “textbook”

Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

*Edit: I’ve noticed this post comes up when people search for “frog molds”, so I figured I’d help you out! I bought them through Amazon, from a merchant called “CybrTrayd”.

One thought on “Harry Potter on the brain!

  1. Hi, I recently had an HP Party without spending a ton of money. I did a lot of banners, hogwarts letter, book covers, etc. printing on my computer. Used some stuff I already had (candle christmas lights for the floating candles in the great hall, plastic spiders, a halloween crystal ball etc.) and got creative and made some wands out of dowels, a broom out of a branch and some tall grass, and built a giant goblet of fire out of a couple of rose cones, some tin cans, a cool whip container, aluminum foil, some paint and a hot glue gun. The light was a cheap christmas spot light with a blue bulb and smoke was created by dropping smoke liquid (bought at a hobby shop to make smoke for model trains)onto the hot bulb. It all turned out great, the only thing I spent money on was a ton of Harry Potter candy, and even some of that I got creative with. I made the licorice wands by dipping the ends of black licorice sticks in white chocolate, and made new labels for pop rocks to create Fizzing Wizzbees. Then I made food with recipes I found on line. Here is a link to a web page of mine. At the bottom you will find an icon to watch a slide show I made with pictures from the party. If you do not have Power Point on your computer you will need to download Power Point viewer first. It is free and there is a link right above the slide show icon. It is a rather big file so you will have to be patient for the download of the slide show, but you may get a lot of ideas to help you with your party, without spending a lot more money. It was fun, and worth the work. Here is the link to the web page:

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