Talent, and a lack of…

So, as if there weren’t enough blogs that make me jealous inspire me, I discovered 3 more today, thanks to Wee Wonderfuls and One More Moore. Thanks a lot!

Sugar City Journal found via Wee Wonderfuls

Pam Kitty Morning found via One More Moore

Wishful Stitches found via Pam Kitty Morning

What kind of a mother whips up fabulous, French-inspired, chic-as-can-be clothing for her kids, while also taking care of them and (presumably) doing housework? Oh, that’s right, the kind with talent. You have got to see this coat.

I wonder if I’ll ever be that good. I suppose practice makes perfect, but what I lack is vision. I really don’t want my kids to remember me as just a wannabe. I dabble in lots of crafty things, but I’m still not good at any of them. I wish I was artsy-designy, too, because I love what (seemingly) every one does with their websites and blogs, and all those Etsy artists out there, my goodness. Such amazing work. I wonder if my day will ever come?


2 thoughts on “Talent, and a lack of…

  1. Read your post and thought I was the only one who had doubts! I decided a long time ago that clothing just wasn’t my cup of tea. Too frustrating…all those lines, marks, matching dots, etc. And then it still doesn’t fit right and looks like I made it out of old drapery…no matter how chic the fabric. I’d rather just ‘wing it’ when I sew. Looked through your site and you do wonderful work.


  2. Hummm… I read your blog, and I thought I’m the one who should learn from you because you have such a beautiful, colorfull and cheerful aura round here. Keep up the good work ^^

    I hope you dont mine I grab a link to my place

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