My favorite brownies, from my favorite panaderia, or Mexican bakery. It’s Panchita’s, in Golden Hill. Isn’t it a beaut?


Look at what my daughter made in art class at school today, I love it! What a great project! It’s perfect for a birthday party activity. I will definitely attempt it, when I throw either one of the girls a Japanese-themed birthday party, such as the one in Martha Stewart Kids. Remember that one?



I found this today, bid on it with 2 minutes left (without permission!), was the high bidder, then got beat with seconds to spare! Ugghh, I will beat myself up for that for the rest of my life. IT’S GORGEOUS! Effing gorgeous! I’m so mad at myself. It sold for $122, and it so would have been worth spending (just a little) more. Now I’m obsessing over vintage art nouveau lockets, and probably won’t rest until I have one in my greedy little hands!

*Edit: The original locket photo is no longer available, but you can see more here.


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