No go

Today’s playgroup meet-up was a bust! We got there, and the playground was closed. There were at least 5 workers there, adding extra sand or something. It was around 1 PM, and I was told we could come back after 2:30. Needless to say, we didn’t meet any new friends. We were so bummed! So I took the little ones to the nearest park. Man, it was HOT today! Little sis actually worked up a good(?) sweat, her face was so red! There was one other little girl there, thankfully. So she at least got to play with someone. Poor thing! I got pretty emotional seeing her so excited to have someone to play with. It made me feel so bad for her, and like such a horrible mother. I thought, wow, she won’t learn how to be social until kindergarten! That’s not until next year! I’ve been telling her for over 6 months now, that she’s going to kindergarten when she’s 4 1/2. Well, turns out I was wrong. I was so devastated when I found that out. The cut-off is December 5th. You have to be 5 by that date. Her birthday’s on the 17th. Can you believe that s***? So we have to wait a whole ‘nother year. She’ll be even older than her sister was in kindergarten, and I was already pissed about that. Good grief.

My husband said something at dinner tonight, when the kids were done and it was just us…

“I was talking to little sis last night, and I asked her, ‘What’s your most favorite thing in the whole world?’. She thought for about 5 seconds, and then she said, ‘Lollipops’. And I thought, you know, when she asks for a lollipop, I can’t say no! You know? Because that’s her favorite thing, in the whole world, and you say, ‘no’? So I can’t say no. I’m just gonna give her one. ‘Cause I can give her that.”

That really brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful sentiment, and I almost started crying. That’s the spirit, Dad! Indeed, Dad. Indeed.


One thought on “No go

  1. sorry about the playgroup. but what a sweet way to end the day! thanks for your comment on the quilt. i actually made a doll quilt out of it and am going to post it today.

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