Can you feel the days getting longer? The sun lingering later? I can. I cannot believe we change our clocks again this weekend! Seriously, it feels like we just did that. Man, time is flying faster than ever it seems, and it’s really scaring me. I’ve gotta make the most of it!

Check out these beautiful things, just in time for Spring:

Betz White’s mini-tote

Lauren Alane’s fabulous birds

Dream a Little Etsy shop



Remember my little tantrum about the locket I wanted on eBay? Well, being as obsessive as I am, I looked & looked for another one. I found 2 that had been sold recently! One here in the States, the other in New Zealand. That did not make me feel any better. Anyhow, in the meantime, I found a brass one that I really liked, and placed it in my “watched items list”. Then, lo and behold, I found another art nouveau locket! Exactly like the one I didn’t win. BUT, this one definitely looked cheaper. I could almost guarantee it was a knockoff. It was, however, in my mind, the closest I’d ever get. So I bid on it, and won it. I also won the brass one. Yay for me! Now I’m done with lockets. Phew.

The one I didn’t win was similar to this (the photo of the one I bid on is no longer available):

*Image from ebay.com

The one I did, at $9.99:

The brass one, at $11:

*Image from ebay.com

I need a “clean sweep”!

I did 6 loads of laundry today, and cleared some clutter from the dining room. I really don’t want to be up all night on Friday, getting things ready for the party on Saturday. I always do that… and I’m tired of it. It’s got to stop! So I decided I will just have to bust my ass every day this week, getting the great room ready, which actually only means clearing it of junk. That’s a tall order. We have piles of crap everywhere. Piles of clothes, toys everywhere, unwanted things, bags for the Goodwill, it goes on & on. I really wish “Clean Sweep” and “Clean House” came to San Diego, because we would so qualify.

*Image from mystyle.com

*Image from tlc.discovery.com

Oh, and completely unrelated to this, we had our first playgroup meetup today! My daughter decided to play with a little girl who wasn’t even there with the group, but oh well. At least we got to meet a few moms + kids, and my kids got to play. It looks like park days are always on Tuesdays, which works just fine. This was the 3rd park we visited, that we’d never been to before, just like last week. I’ve gotta say, there are some nice parks in La Mesa! I’ll have to take the whole family some time.


Apparently both of the movies I’ve been excited to see are total duds. That sucks! I might just go see “The Other Boleyn Girl” for the costumes and accents.

I got my clothes from Delia’s and Alloy today, and as I feared, the dress was big. What did I expect, ordering a “small”? I knew it would be a bit big, but hoped it wouldn’t look too bad. I’ll have to see how it looks with a long-sleeve tee underneath, and maybe some tights or leggings. Leggings? What am I talking about, I don’t even own any. The denim top makes me look pregnant! The dress too, a little bit. Totally looks like a maternity dress on me. Geez. When will I learn I shouldn’t order clothes online? Nothing ever fits me right… I’m the type that has to try everything on. You obviously can’t do that when you order online! Another disappointment is not being able to return these items to a store. The nearest Delia’s is in Texas! But even if I had one nearby, they don’t accept catalog returns. Again, I knew about all this before ordering, but I’m stubborn. I just can’t help it when the clothes are so cute and inexpensive. I think this will be my last try, though. In the immortal words of Tim Gunn, I will just have to “make it work”.

*Image from tv.com

Late night

So it’s 11:40 PM on Sunday night, and I just got home a half hour ago! I went to my girlfriend’s house, to enlist help with the party stuff. We managed to make all the scarves, which I’m very thankful for. Very thankful! I like ’em. Now I’ve gotta get crackin’ on the rest of the stuff, and the menu. What else could I serve besides drumsticks? I don’t have the energy or patience for pumpkin pasties, or whatever else they serve at Hogwarts. I think I could find a decent substitute for pumpkin juice, like peach juice, maybe? What else looks orangey? Tang? Oh man, that stuff is, like, toxic! Haven’t had it in ages. Somebody please chime in, and give me some ideas! I’m all out.

National Craft Month!

Can you believe it’s freakin’ March already? I bet some women are already starting to think about Christmas presents! Geez. I knew yesterday was February 29th, but it didn’t register that this was a once-every-4-years thing. It wasn’t until I sat down in the evening to read my blogs, many of which wished everyone a “happy leap day”, that I realized it. What a dummy. I would have at least mentioned it to big sis, and tried to do something a little special. I don’t know where my head’s at. Oh well.

I’ve decided that after my husband’s birthday, and my daughter’s party, both this coming week, I’m dedicating a good 2 months to crafting. How appropriate that it coincides with National Craft Month! Can’t believe such a thing exists, by the way. Of all the things to dedicate a month to? We’re so indulgent. But who am I kidding, I love it.

After that, I’ve gotta start on my son’s birthday party, which will be in June. I picked the theme over a year ago, it’s monkeys. Because he was a hairy little monkey when he was born! LOL! I think I’ll have the invitations read, “Our little monkey’s turning 2!” I’ve already bought a few monkey birthday cards from which to draw inspiration. I can’t wait!

Speaking of crafting, I love this rubber stamp company! As soon as I have my own income, I’ll be dropping $100+ on some of their adorable rubber stamps. Just can’t help it.

I might use this one for my son’s robot party:


This one for his pirate party:


Maybe this one for his rockets & outer space party:


I first saw the pirate stamp on someone’s blog, I can’t for the life of me remember which one. She embellished plain brown lunch bags with red and black paper, and the stamp. It was like a tag, almost. I’ve been looking for that blog & post for over an hour now, I give up! Ugh. Maybe I’ll find it later.