Apparently both of the movies I’ve been excited to see are total duds. That sucks! I might just go see “The Other Boleyn Girl” for the costumes and accents.

I got my clothes from Delia’s and Alloy today, and as I feared, the dress was big. What did I expect, ordering a “small”? I knew it would be a bit big, but hoped it wouldn’t look too bad. I’ll have to see how it looks with a long-sleeve tee underneath, and maybe some tights or leggings. Leggings? What am I talking about, I don’t even own any. The denim top makes me look pregnant! The dress too, a little bit. Totally looks like a maternity dress on me. Geez. When will I learn I shouldn’t order clothes online? Nothing ever fits me right… I’m the type that has to try everything on. You obviously can’t do that when you order online! Another disappointment is not being able to return these items to a store. The nearest Delia’s is in Texas! But even if I had one nearby, they don’t accept catalog returns. Again, I knew about all this before ordering, but I’m stubborn. I just can’t help it when the clothes are so cute and inexpensive. I think this will be my last try, though. In the immortal words of Tim Gunn, I will just have to “make it work”.

*Image from tv.com


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