I need a “clean sweep”!

I did 6 loads of laundry today, and cleared some clutter from the dining room. I really don’t want to be up all night on Friday, getting things ready for the party on Saturday. I always do that… and I’m tired of it. It’s got to stop! So I decided I will just have to bust my ass every day this week, getting the great room ready, which actually only means clearing it of junk. That’s a tall order. We have piles of crap everywhere. Piles of clothes, toys everywhere, unwanted things, bags for the Goodwill, it goes on & on. I really wish “Clean Sweep” and “Clean House” came to San Diego, because we would so qualify.

*Image from mystyle.com

*Image from tlc.discovery.com

Oh, and completely unrelated to this, we had our first playgroup meetup today! My daughter decided to play with a little girl who wasn’t even there with the group, but oh well. At least we got to meet a few moms + kids, and my kids got to play. It looks like park days are always on Tuesdays, which works just fine. This was the 3rd park we visited, that we’d never been to before, just like last week. I’ve gotta say, there are some nice parks in La Mesa! I’ll have to take the whole family some time.


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