Remember my little tantrum about the locket I wanted on eBay? Well, being as obsessive as I am, I looked & looked for another one. I found 2 that had been sold recently! One here in the States, the other in New Zealand. That did not make me feel any better. Anyhow, in the meantime, I found a brass one that I really liked, and placed it in my “watched items list”. Then, lo and behold, I found another art nouveau locket! Exactly like the one I didn’t win. BUT, this one definitely looked cheaper. I could almost guarantee it was a knockoff. It was, however, in my mind, the closest I’d ever get. So I bid on it, and won it. I also won the brass one. Yay for me! Now I’m done with lockets. Phew.

The one I didn’t win was similar to this (the photo of the one I bid on is no longer available):

*Image from ebay.com

The one I did, at $9.99:

The brass one, at $11:

*Image from ebay.com


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