Can you feel the days getting longer? The sun lingering later? I can. I cannot believe we change our clocks again this weekend! Seriously, it feels like we just did that. Man, time is flying faster than ever it seems, and it’s really scaring me. I’ve gotta make the most of it!

Check out these beautiful things, just in time for Spring:

Betz White’s mini-tote

Lauren Alane’s fabulous birds

Dream a Little Etsy shop


2 thoughts on “Springy!

  1. your blog is so cute. i toying with the idea of starting my own blog…i live vicariously through amy (buraellen.blogspot.com) when it comes to the blogging world. anyway, the reason for my post is to get the pattern for your puppy. the one you have in your flikr collection…the blue and white one with the blue ribbon. it’s ridiculously cute!!! and i think i have some cotton fabric tucked away.

    again… ❤ your blog 🙂


  2. i got to your site via alicia’ paulson’s posy get’s cozy, saw you made a comment about having a Mac. came to visit and saw this post about time flying by..that has been on my mind as well. it is weird how it goes faster and faster… i have read that it feels like that in our minds because as we age time is calculated by our brain based upon how much time we have used up and how much we have left! that in fact it is moving faster. regardless of the neurobiology i have to say i relate to you comment about the urgency to make the most of it.
    have a good day and enjoy your time 🙂

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