Hi, I’m back! Here’s the Harry Potter Party!

So, wow… I definitely needed a blog break, but I didn’t think I’d take such a long one. Anyhow, here are pictures from the party! Despite my trying to get things done in a timely manner, I still ended up not going to bed until 4 and 5 AM, Thursday night/Friday and Friday night/Saturday, respectively. I decided to make the platform 9 3/4 sign, instead of adding one to my order from Alivan’s… I should have just bought it. $20 is totally worth it to me. I mean, if I had allowed myself plenty of time to make it, then I’d feel better about the tradeoff. But of course, that’s not what happened. I started it Thursday night, and finished it after 4 PM on Saturday, which was officially party time. We even had guests already. Sigh. BUT, I am very proud of it. I don’t do painting projects like that, and for good reason. But I like how it turned out. Besides the crooked lettering, of course. Well, let’s see you cut out skinny, skinny letters by hand for 2 hours, with craft scissors, then try to glue them onto a sign with an adhesive dot roller while guests are waiting to get the party going. Ahem.

My not-very-fancy-or-creative attempt at Gringotts Bank:


I made all the kids line up next to the mailboxes, then opened my mailbox, and handed each child an envelope with 16 galleons:

Diagon Alley (aka my patio), sign made at the last minute, the day of:


From left to right: notebooks; textbooks (“Quidditch Through the Ages” & “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, by J K Rowling); green St. Patrick’s Day cauldrons I had to spray paint black, also done the day of; wands made from wood dowels, notched with a saw, then sanded down & painted with watered down acrylic; Hedwig; quills made by taking the pencil tips out of a kid-type refillable pencil & sticking them onto the feather end – no glue required, unless you want it to stay on permanently – but then how would you replace the pencil tip?!


I had the price list all set up, so that the kids would have just enough Galleons left to buy a few candies at the Candy Shoppe.


I meant to make a big deal out of the kids rushing through platform 9 3/4, immediately after making their school purchases in Diagon Alley, but alas… didn’t happen! I was too busy tending shop.

I made badges, and my friends & I made Gryffindor scarves, which were placed around every child’s neck upon being sorted (by the sorting hat & audio from the 1st movie) into Gryffindor:

The banquet table, complete with candles. We had roasted drumsticks, and carrots & potatoes, rolls with butter, and “pumpkin juice” (aka mango juice) and “butterbeer” (aka room temperature orange IZZE drinks):


I don’t know why I thought the wall would look fine with just 1 length of stone wall scene setter… what was I thinking?! It looked so lame, 1/2 stone wall and 1/2 white. Good grief. Lesson learned.

I only had 3 candies in the candy shoppe – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (aka Jelly Bellys); Chocolate Frogs; and Fizzing Whizbee Acid Pops (aka Pop Rocks Dips):

Chocolate Frogs (see Harry on the Famous Wizards Card on the left?):


Look at who graced us with his presence!!! OMG!


Victor Krum, Professor McGonagall, and Winky the house elf:


We had a potions class. The set-up included the textbook, “Most Potente Potions”, (gummy) eyeballs, a bottle of potion water, 5 jars of different ingredients, stirring sticks, and potion jars (baby food jars with fabric-covered lids).


Fried frog legs (French’s French Fried Onions); eyes of newt (peppercorns); powdered dandelion (yellow curry powder); unicorn tears (glycerine, to make everything float); and Fire Salamander scales (red pepper flakes):


Here’s what the potions ended up looking like:


I ordered the cake from Baskin-Robbins at least a few weeks before, then called to reschedule it for a week later. I called the night before the party, and found out it wasn’t ready, because the person I spoke with the 2nd time wrote down the wrong date. Ugghh! It’s a good thing I called. So, panicking, I called another Baskin-Robbins, and luckily the nice Indian(?) lady there reassured me that they had the Harry Potter DecoPac, and they could make it in time. PHEWW.


Hermione (aka my daughter, the birthday girl), frizzy hair and all, being studious:


My friend (Professor McGonagall) made my daughter the most awesome gift ever! 2 puppets from the “Potter Puppet Pals” YouTube videos:


Oh, and she even crocheted 2 Golden Snitches!

I’m done with the ambitious parties for a while… I’m gonna keep them simple for the next year, or more. I’m looking forward to not stressing out, and feeling a sense of relief!


One thought on “Hi, I’m back! Here’s the Harry Potter Party!

  1. You are the winner for most creative Mom of the year. The party turned out great and so did all of your great crafts to go along with it!

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