I just got the cutest flippin’ shoes EVER!

I can’t remember the last time I was completely delighted with a pair of shoes I bought online. I should actually stop ordering shoes by mail, because that’s really the type of thing you should do in person. You really should try shoes on before buying them. I realize there’s always the option of returning them, but what a hassle. ANYWAY, I placed these in my shopping cart at Piperlime.com a few weeks ago, when they were having their “additional 20% off sale prices” promotion. They were only $29.99! PLUS the additional 20% off! But did I order them right then & there? Of course not. My typical procrastinating ass waited, and of course they sold out of my size.

-Insert expletive-

So of course I had to obsess about finding them elsewhere, and I finally did, at Macys.com. They were a little more expensive, at $34.30, but I had to have them. I am so glad I ordered them! They fit like a dream, are comfortable, and look so flippin’ cute. I actually squealed when I saw them in the mirror! The heel height isn’t too high, either. Can’t wait to wear these! But I’d better paint my nails first – nothin’ worse than a cute peep-toe shoe with plain, un-pedicured toes peepin’ out.

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