Meet the newest member of our family!

In for a frame, out with a chair. Didn’t find a frame! But this chair was outside, and as I walked by, I had to double-back, to look at the price tag. $20! “Cute!”, I thought. I went inside to look for a frame, and a wooden embroidery hoop, but didn’t find either. I inquired about the chair’s legs, because they looked crooked, and was informed that they screw on, so apparently they weren’t screwed on all the way. The nice man walked outside with me, to demonstrate, and I said, “Well, I might come back”. As I was walking away, he said, “$10 is a good price”. I turned on my heels and said, “$10?! It says 20!”. He told me all white tags were 1/2 off today, and the discount days/tag color days just vary, picked randomly by the owner. Ughh, I only had around $6 on me. So I came home (it’s only a few blocks away), and asked my husband if he had any spare change. He had $10, so he gave it to me. I asked if he wanted to go look at a chair with me, but he was shirtless, and playing on the Wii with the kids, and everyone was bickering, so he said, “Just buy it”. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! I had to hustle, because they were closing in 10 minutes. So here it is! I think it looks ’40’s, my husband says early ’70’s. Early ’70’s? I had to scoff at that. Anyway, if anyone reads this lonely blog of mine, please add your 2 cents… which era do you think it’s from?

I’m not crazy about the color – it’s kind of a muted sage/teal. So I plan to reupholster it someday. But it is very comfortable! I love it. We finally have an armchair, and it was only $10! Yippee!

2 thoughts on “Meet the newest member of our family!

  1. I would also agree that it looks more like 40’s than 70’s. Whenever I think of the 70’s I picture that burnt orange and brown color lol
    Ten dollars is an awesome price!! It also looks like it is in good conditon too-Score two for you! =)

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