Another gorgeous dress

This crazy lady just won’t stop…

She’s making me so jealous, there’s nothing for it but to just try and do it myself. I hope I get decent enough, before my girls are too grown to appreciate mom-made stuff. Well, of course I hope they never outgrow that, but you know what I mean.

Here’s another gorgeous dress over at Grosgrain… go ahead, drool away.


Let the craziness begin.

I know everyone is saying this, but I can’t believe it’s December. The year is almost over? Really? I hate that time flies faster as you get older. Especially with kids. Sheesh.

So I really need to scramble to get things done…

1) Get the house clean enough for little sister’s party on the 20th
2) Mail the invitations out within the next few days!
3) Finish all the little crafts I’ve planned for the kids’ advent quilt
4) Make/sew a few Christmas gifts for my kids

My eldest reads this blog, so I can’t give specific details, but I can direct you to the blogs that gave me the inspiration for this year’s advent quilt surprises:

soule mama

bella dia

my little mochi

And this too, too cute Etsy shop:

Too Cute