The sexy librarian I’ve (sometimes) wanted to be…

Another beauty, another giveaway. I really want to try recreating clothing items I see that I love, but can’t afford… but I’d like to get this book first. After all, the author did work for Anthropologie. Who could be more perfect to learn from?

boyer cardi-2

boyer cardi-1

complete embellishing


Holy crap, how chic is that?


I just got my first Boden catalog ever. Not sure why. I know everyone in blogland loves Boden, but I’ve never shopped there. Why is it so expensive? Everything is beautiful, and looks well made, but yikes. It seems like the British version of J. Crew? Does anyone agree?

I need those shoes! Even though I recently bought a pair of red peep toe cork heels. I wish I could look that grown up someday. Sigh.

Native American Art

I bought this several years ago, at the Adams Avenue Antique Faire. Which I just found out does not happen anymore. Bummer!

I liked it because the little girl is cute, and it looked vintage, and it looked special. I’ve always had a soft spot for Native American culture, too (is that an odd statement?). Having an artist’s signature is usually a good sign, I thought, but I had no idea who it was or if they were even famous. Its home has always been my daughter’s bedroom.

I did some research on it last night, for the first time ever, and found out that the artist is Gerda Christoffersen, from Denmark. She moved to Canada with her family, then here to the States, and started depicting Native American life. So, apparently, she’s pretty famous, and this could be valuable. I never would have guessed.

It’s titled “Desert Flower”. Isn’t she cute?!