Tastes in art

I am by no means artistically inclined, or an art aficionado. But I do know what I like. I like symmetry. I like classical art. I like Renaissance art. Basically anything painted up through the 1800’s, I’ll like. I don’t like modern art. I don’t know why… most of it just looks messy to me. Or maybe my intellect isn’t sophisticated enough to appreciate it… I don’t know. What I do like, however, that I believe falls under the modern art category, is mixed media. I find it very appealing. Certain types of collage work, too. Maybe I like mixed media because it includes many elements, all representing the many crafts I’m interested in; print, sewing, needlework, photography, papercrafts, etc.

Here’s something I just found that I really like, via Kayte Terry’s blog, this is love forever:

Eleanor Wood’s mixed media collages

I also love Wyanne’s art, this is one of my favorites:

the quiet night holds secrets

I love all the pretty, whimsical art featuring women that I find on Etsy. I can’t imagine life without Etsy, actually. I hope they’re able to stick around forever.


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