And so it begins…

Little sister started Kindergarten this week. After waiting, not so patiently, for TWO YEARS. She’s been SO ready, so excited. The poor thing hardly ever had any playdates, and we never had neighbors she could play with. I mistakenly told her last year that she’d be able to go to Kindergarten. I was so crushed when I found out she didn’t make the cut off date. Apparently in San Diego, you have to be 5 by December 5th. Her birthday’s on the 17th. Grrrr!!! That really chapped my hide. So now she’s the oldest in her class, I assume, since she turns 6 this December. I feel like I might’ve blogged about this before…

Anyway, as we were walking on campus that first day, she announced to me, “I’m gonna have a crush on my first day!” I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes. Well, sure enough, she picked someone. Much to my chagrin, he’s a blond. I prefer brunets. Not that it matters! But there are at least 2 really cute brunets in her class… but I digress (and yes, that is how you spell the masculine form of “brunette”). By the 3rd day of school, she had gotten an “I love you” out of him. ??? I’m really uncomfortable with the whole idea. Kindergarten? Honestly? Geez. It must be her big sister’s influence. They are 5 years apart. Ohhh, heaven help me.

My three musketeers:

outside school

Checkin’ out the line:

checkin' out the line



First worksheet!

1st worksheet

The 5th grader:

the 5th grader


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