A satisfying display

We inherited 2 bookshelves and 2 file cabinets from my husband’s office, which are already coming in handy. I’m not a fan anymore of the “blond” wood color so popular at IKEA, but beggars can’t be choosers. I thought I might be able to use one of the bookshelves in our “toy corner”, which was such a disaster, it wasn’t even funny. There was a small toy box against one wall, a vintage side table against the other, and toys & stuffed animals piled high all around, and more spilling onto the floor. The avalanche was so extreme, it even blocked the way to the TV entertainment center.

I ended up putting both bookshelves in the corner, even though they overlap slightly (maybe 2 inches). I decided to be OK with that, even though things like that tend to bother me. I’m a perfectionist. Not to be confused with “I do everything perfectly”, by any means! So, after placing a few things, neatly, on the shelves, I took a step back and stared at the tops. It was too bare. It needed some visual interest. So I looked around for something cool, or pretty, and decided on the fairy house. I had seen it at Pottery Barn Kids, and fell so much in love, that I kept an eye out for when it went on sale. It’s exactly the kind of thing I look at longingly, thinking, “I could probably make that!”, but of course never do. Then I started putting books on the shelf, picked up a vintage one sent to me by ex-blogger pixiegenné, and wondered how it would look on top, next to the fairy house. It was earthy-toned, and had to do with magic, so I thought it was perfect. Then I had to find something for the other bookshelf, because, well, it had to be balanced. I need things to be symmetrical. I didn’t want anything bright & plastic, so I chose the Radio Flyer wagon. Then I picked up a pile of these vintage schoolbooks that were being given away at my daughters’ school, and wondered if I could put one in or next to the wagon, maybe a blue one for my son (since it was looking like one shelf was for my daughters, the other for my son). It didn’t work out. So I just put the book on the other side of the fairy house. It looks nice! I’m quite satisfied with it.

Oh, and I love the shadow the fairy house casts on the wall in the afternoon. “Oh, What Fun!”, and “A Magic Afternoon”, indeed!



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