To Do List (resolutions?)

1. Braces!
2. Get a job
3. Finish school
4. Take a photography class
5. Work harder on my reading list
6. Try my hand at making clothes — at least try!
7. Get comfortable with crust-making (for tarts, pies, etc.)
8. Get my hair cut at a salon that donates to Locks of Love
9. Get over my fear of working with yeast, so I can bake bread
10. Save up every single cent I can so I can finally make it to Paris

Hmm… 10 things to begin in 2010… I’ll try my best.


Vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines

I’ve had these little cuties since I was little. I can’t believe they still smell! I think that’s amazing. I also can’t believe things from the ’80’s are considered “vintage”, but what are you gonna do?

vintage Strawberry Shortcake figurines