Can I officially start thinking about Halloween?!

Of course I already have been… but it’s the 1st of October! Certainly I can’t be deemed crazy for officially starting to now… right? Ok, glad we got that settled. I’ve been wanting to be the Addams Family for Halloween for years now, but it just hasn’t worked out. It was going to this year, I even asked my mom to help me with the costumes, and even showed her some clips of the original TV pilot, but alas, it’s not going to happen. Again. My girlfriend informed me that her daughter’s birthday party this year is going to be Alice-themed, so now we have to adjust our plans. Her daughter was born on Halloween, so for the past 4 years we’ve gone to their house for trick-or-treating/birthday celebrations. I was planning on keeping my hair long until after Halloween, since I was going to be Morticia, but now I can cut it! This is the second time this happens… *sigh*.

Now onto the fun stuff! I absolutely love Tiny Prints, it’s my favorite website for invitations & such. Their designs are to die for. Cute, elegant, simple, sweet — anything you want, they’ve got. I’m loving these right now:

This last one cracks me up, because I immediately recognized its “theme”… you will too, if you’re a “Twihard”. (wink, wink)


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