Chicken Cacciatore

I was inspired by The Pioneer Woman’s recipe post yesterday, and decided to try it myself, with what I had on hand. We always have frozen boneless, skinless chicken thighs on hand, and I had several other ingredients I thought might go well together. I wasn’t digging the idea of egg noodles under the chicken, though, so I decided to go with cous cous. It felt like a good meal, but something was lacking. It was a lot better today, with some crusty bread. Especially when I took the garlic cloves and smushed them on the bread, and added some tomato bits… mmmmm.

One thing I’d do differently next time: salt the boiling water. I figured the chicken + sauce would be salty enough to flavor the cous cous, but it just wasn’t so. I usually add butter + salt when the kids ask for cous cous, and it’s yummy that way, so I’ll have to remember — always add salt!


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