A KitchenAid Coffee Maker Giveaway!

I’ve been entering giveaways like crazy lately, including Twitter parties. What else can I do while I’m at home and not making any money? It couldn’t hurt, so why the heck not? I’ve already won a few things, and I will admit, it makes me greedy for more! Especially seeing how VERY OFTEN others win. Seriously, there are some individuals who win prizes almost daily, even multiple times a day, at different Twitter parties! Sigh, but I digress. The point of this post is to share the KitchenAid coffee maker giveaway hosted by Baby Loving Mama. Who wouldn’t want to win this snazzy set? Then we wouldn’t be limited to the 2 cups of coffee we get from our French press. That would be awesome.


Best-Tasting Cereal Bars | Real Simple

I came across this in my Twitter feed, and felt compelled to read it because we just recently started buying cereal bars again, after a friend introduced us to a yummy -and inexpensive!- one: Trader Joe’s “This apple walks into a bar…” Or the strawberry flavor, “This strawberry walks into a bar…” Get it? LOL. He’s a clever one, that Joe. I’d say they are a near-perfect clone of Nutri Grain bars, and at $1.69 a box, cannot be beat. The perfect solution to our everyday school snack dilemmas. What a godsend!

Read Real Simple’s cereal bar consensus here:

Best-Tasting Cereal Bars | Real Simple.