Hi! I am a 33 year old stay-at-home mother of 3. We live in San Diego, and love it. I’ve been inspired by all of you out there, you creative, talented, thought-provoking, funny, lovely bloggers. I’ve titled my weblog “Wannabe!” because I am a wannabe crafter, seamstress, scrapbooker, college graduate, domestic diva, the list goes on and on…

Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hey…i’ve always wanted to blog, but i’m not that creative and i can’t really talk about my clients 🙂 i love the site, and i’d like to see more pictues of some of the crafty things you’re working on. sahara loves that stuff, but her mom is not so talented. it’s funny, you’ve always had such a fine attention to detail, it’s interesting where that leads us in life. anyway, i like hearing about what you’re up to in such a comic way. keep it up, that way i’ll know what the heck is going on with you guys!

  2. you’re a beauty. i love reading your blog and getting the inside on your take some of the things you just have to live and laugh with when it comes to children. i had a heck of a time carving our pumpkin this year. after breaking a huge sweat, sahara finally acknowledged, “pumpkin caring is hard mommy…don’t you wish i was old enough to use a knife so i can help?” i wish i had an answer for her instead of a look of amused disbelief in response” tp that understatement…bt she meant well. it came out well in the end. the bat mouth was perfet, one eye a little crooked, and kind of a big nose, but whatver, i’m just glad we got around to carving the thing before thankshgiving:)

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