Graduation Day at SDSU

Graduation Day at SDSU

The length of time it has taken me to finish school is just unbelievable. But I did it. After getting an early start—as in, took my first class as a senior in high school—and taking huge breaks in between having three kids, I finally graduated. It took me over TWENTY YEARS, but I buckled down and got it done. I have doubts as to whether I chose correctly, but the result of all those years and all my hard work and stress is a B.A. in Spanish, a B.A. in Linguistics, and the TESL certificate. I chose to major in Spanish so I could teach it eventually, but I won’t be able to do that until I get my teaching credential… something I’m not keen on doing right now because I just need a flipping break! I love linguistics and I love to travel, so I thought the TESL would serve me well should I be able to pick up and go at some point in my life. Of course, I can teach ESL here, which I like the idea of very much. I think I’d probably fare better teaching mature, willing adults versus bratty disobedient kids, anyhow! So hopefully I’ll be able to do something with what I have so far, because honestly I’m not sure how much more school I can take. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to classes and learning, but I’m pushin’ 40 for cryin’ out loud. Anyway, I’m grateful for all of the friendly, helpful people I’ve encountered along the way at Mesa and City College, and San Diego State. I’ll never forget you!


Hello, April!

I hate it when a month goes by, and I’ve failed to post anything on my blog. Not that anyone reads it. Anyway, after so much rain (unusual for San Diego), it’s finally getting warm. Like, REALLY warm. It feels like Summer already. It’s been in the 70’s all week. I have lots of time to prepare for Easter, since it’s so late this year, and I’m glad for that. We don’t go to church, or have family get-togethers anymore for Easter, but I do have my 3 kids to celebrate with, and so I like to find cute things to make for them or do with them. I also can’t resist all the pretty seasonal goodies at Target, JoAnn, Michael’s, etc.

So, on that note, here are some cute Easter/Spring things I’ve come across on the web. Gotta love the Internet!

1) adorably chic & simple bunny cupcakes by One Charming Party

bunny cupcakes by One Charming Party


2) grass clip art for goody bags (or anything, really)

grass clip art/flower meringues by Martha Stewart


3) These clever carrot pouches by Betz White


Completely doable and totally cute! Besides the cotton candy, you should already have all the supplies needed. Happy crafting!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My middle one turned 7 in December, and changed the party theme on me kind of last minute. So I scoured every Target in creation looking for those dollar section tote bags they had, which were so cute and quite a deal (in my head), to be given as goody bags. After much ado, I managed to wrangle enough for 14 girls, but not before I stumbled upon these cute cardboard pails at my last stop… oh, the indecision! Do I go with my original goal/idea, which I’ve finally reached, or do I switch it up last minute and go another route? Good grief, I could not decide. So I decided to buy both! But then I couldn’t decide if I should do half & half, or let the girls themselves choose, or just make a decision myself, or ask my daughter, or give both. I asked several people for their opinion, including both daughters, and finally decided to do the pails. They lined up better on the table, anyway.

(Inside the white bowl on the corner: red crocheted bow barrettes, à la Hello Kitty)

I hung up some leftover red w/ white polka dots fabric, to use as a backdrop for pictures, but of course never followed through. Why is it that not everything you envision ever happens? Or is that just me?

My meager attempt at hiding the unsightly kitchen:

I took inspiration from Jenny B. at Allsorts, and made little felt “trees” for the kids to decorate. That was the only craft I could come up with. So I bought a bag of sequins and laid out all my ribbon for the kids to choose from. I still have tons left over!

Left to right: Oreo pops, red vines, gummy cherry slices, sixlets, cupcakes, gumballs, Oreo pops, yogurt raisins. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a close-up of the banner I made, which is typical. I alternated the reds (red background, white polka dots and a red & white gingham) with solid white, edged with my scallop shears. I like the way it turned out.

Hello Kitty didn’t come out perfectly, but she was good enough. It was pretty simple, and kinda fun. Not too bad for my first attempt at a “sculpted” cake, I don’t think.

Halloween 2010

Our brief visit to the pumpkin patch:

Oreo pops for the carnival bake sale:

At the carnival:

At our little friend’s “Alice in Wonderland”-themed birthday party (in the dress I got at a thrift store when I was a teenager, that I NEVER wore, and didn’t even realize was a vintage Betsey Johnson until right before Halloween!):

Trick or treating:

Can I officially start thinking about Halloween?!

Of course I already have been… but it’s the 1st of October! Certainly I can’t be deemed crazy for officially starting to now… right? Ok, glad we got that settled. I’ve been wanting to be the Addams Family for Halloween for years now, but it just hasn’t worked out. It was going to this year, I even asked my mom to help me with the costumes, and even showed her some clips of the original TV pilot, but alas, it’s not going to happen. Again. My girlfriend informed me that her daughter’s birthday party this year is going to be Alice-themed, so now we have to adjust our plans. Her daughter was born on Halloween, so for the past 4 years we’ve gone to their house for trick-or-treating/birthday celebrations. I was planning on keeping my hair long until after Halloween, since I was going to be Morticia, but now I can cut it! This is the second time this happens… *sigh*.

Now onto the fun stuff! I absolutely love Tiny Prints, it’s my favorite website for invitations & such. Their designs are to die for. Cute, elegant, simple, sweet — anything you want, they’ve got. I’m loving these right now:

This last one cracks me up, because I immediately recognized its “theme”… you will too, if you’re a “Twihard”. (wink, wink)