I learned how to knit today!!!

Oh my gosh, it was so cool. I had asked one of my fellow ballet moms if she’d teach me, and it finally happened today. I wasn’t supposed to have my son there at ballet, as he’s usually at my mom’s, but he fell asleep in the car, so I decided to just take him along. As you would expect, it was a little chaotic trying to concentrate as she was teaching me, but somehow, it happened. I’ve always been afraid to learn, because it seems like there’s so much math involved, and I hate math. Maybe because I’m not good at it? Anyhow, it wasn’t too scary, it was actually really cool, once I got the hang of it! Granted, I’ve only learned to cast on, and knit a row? I don’t quite have the lingo down, even though I read about knitting at least once a day, on someone or other’s blog. I’m so excited! Ha ha! After years of wanting to learn, ever since that issue of Martha Stewart Baby, the one with the red-headed baby girl wearing a blue knitted sweater. Remember that one? I went out and bought the knitting needles and yarn, and of course, as with most of my projects, it all got thrown on the back burner. Not anymore! Not anymore.