School starts in a month. My eldest is entering junior high… what the eff. I feel so old, and yet I’m not… I hate that feeling. Her desk broke when we moved in March, so I started looking for a desk + hutch on craigslist. Found a very nice one for $75, had my husband go look at it after work one day. Told him if it looked good, buy it. So he did. That day it came home, as we were cleaning & arranging it, my husband asked her if she wanted the Twilight books (which I’ve read, but wouldn’t let her). She said yes, because of course she has wanted to read them, and she’s seen the first 2 movies. She asked me if that was ok, so I thought about it. Why did I have to think about it? Why did I never let her read them in the first place? Because they are technically “young adult” books. Key word being, “adult”. They explore feelings & emotions I was not ready for her to be exposed to, even though so many of her friends had read them. (Hello, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn?!)

So, taking all this into account, and the fact that she’s already heard age-inappropriate things at school, I decided I may as well bite the bullet. I told her to close the door. We had “the talk”. She covered her face in disgust. She cried. I was only a wee bit mortified. :p

On an entirely unrelated note, this lonely blog of mine turns 3 next week. Wow. Will I dream up a fancy way of celebrating? In a perfect world, I would. In other words, probably not. We shall see.


hutch + pompoms from our double birthday party

new desk



We’re finally moving out of East County, into a bigger house, closer to work & school. Yippee!

And I opted for Wuthering Heights, to cross off on my “To Read” list.


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I should be packing, but instead I’m wasting time worrying about what book I’m going to read next. I finished Persuasion, which took me way too long, even though it’s so short, compared to Jane’s other books… compare it to Emma, for instance! Lordy. I have to say, Persuasion may be my favorite so far. I can’t pin it down. There was something so sad about Anne Elliott. Poor thing. No one but Lady Russell truly cared about her, she had lost out on the love of her life, etc. Ugh, and Captain Wentworth’s letter almost made me cry.

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.”

I don’t think I’ll ever forget those lines. And now I wonder if Wentworth Miller was named after the literary character. I like Wentworth Miller. But I digress. And never mind, I just googled him and found out he’s Wentworth III, and they were indeed named after Captain Wentworth. Interesting.

So now I have Northanger Abbey left to go. I also finished the entire Sookie Stackhouse series, and am anxiously awaiting the next book, which comes out in May. And I’ve actually started the whole series all over again. Yes, I’m crazy. Then there are all the other classics I’ve never read, which includes Wuthering Heights – next on my list. Ugh, decisions, decisions.

Blame the vampires.

So, I basically spent the entire month of March submerged in the “Twilight” world. I hadn’t read the book, despite reading about it on several blogs (crafty mommy blogs, mind you), nor did I see the movie when it came out. I was planning on reading the book at some point, but the library waiting list was outrageous.

THEN, my girlfriend invited me over to watch the DVD, and after a bit of wavering, wondering if I should be seeing the movie first, before reading the book, I decided to go ahead. Kristen Stewart’s acting bothered me a bit, but all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So my girlfriend lent me her book, and I started it the next day. I ended up blowing through the entire series in 17 days. I’ve never read so much in my life. I stayed up MANY nights until 4, 5, 6, 7 AM. One morning I even went to bed at 8. Needless to say, I needed a rest when I was finally done. I needed to recover, both physically and mentally. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself, which I’ve learned is common among “Twilighters”. Even though, I guess technically, I AM a “Twimom”, I will NOT be calling myself that, thank you very much.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Hunting for books

The day I searched on for the image of the book I bought recently, “Naturally Clean“, I read about several other similar books. The ones I focused on were:

The Naturally Clean Home
Better Basics for the Home
Clean House, Clean Planet
Clean & Green

I think I read every single review… then I went to Borders with my 40% off coupon in hand. Now, I normally search their inventory online first, to see if they have the book I want. Of course I didn’t do that this time, so of course they didn’t have ANY of the books I wanted. Brother.

They did have one tiny, attractive, water-proof book, full of natural cleaning recipes. It even had a glossary for all of those symbols on clothing tags, you know, the laundry care ones? I was about to buy it just for that, I’ve never seen that sort of glossary or guide anywhere! Man. I was pretty excited about that. The book is called “Green Clean”, it’s really neat, compact and concise, has a clean and easy-to-read layout. Anyway, I ended up not buying it because it was too beat up. It had a huge, dirty scratch on the cover, too. Unacceptable! Well, that, and there was a minimum purchase of $20 required to use the coupon. So I was pretty disappointed about going home empty-handed, especially since I had this awesome, once in a lifetime coupon! Ugh, I hate that. So I started speed-walking toward the exit (because I’d left my son at home, screaming – safe with his Dad, but screaming), glanced down at a book shelf, realized I was in the crafts section, and -rrrrrr!- slammed on the brakes. “Aha!”, I thought to myself… I should see if there’s anything I’ve been wanting from here! I looked for a book on needle felting, and they didn’t have any. Drat. Then a light went on, and I thought of Lotta Jansdotter’s pattern book, then Amy Butler’s book. I remembered I really love Amy’s clutch purse, so I looked for that one. Well, they had both. Decisions, decisions! I picked Amy Butler’s, for the purse, and the organizing bins. I’m honestly a little scared by the patterns, they look lengthy and complicated. I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

We had some spare time today between picking up big sis, and ballet, so I decided to go to the library. I looked for the books I’d seen on amazon, and they actually had one! Awesome. I checked out “Better Basics for the Home”. Can’t wait to read it. Oh, and would you believe that the book Borders had, “Green Clean”, is the only one with 5 stars on amazon? Geez. I might’ve asked an employee if they had another one in the back had I read that yesterday.

amy butler

better basics for the home

green clean
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Another birthday to get ready for!

Big sister chose this year’s birthday party theme a few weeks ago: Harry Potter!

I’m all for it, I absolutely love the books and movies. However, I don’t quite know how to throw a Harry Potter-themed party. I can handle anything else, I usually have ideas galore, or sources to help me, but I’m stumped on this one. So I was pretty stoked when we went to the Borders Express at Fashion Valley yesterday, after the party, and found a sorting hat and Hogwart’s build-it kit. The sorting hat is super tiny, palm-sized actually, but at least it’s something. It actually assigns houses! The Hogwart’s build-it kit is made of cardboard pieces, but it seems really cool, and you can configure it in several different ways.

I don’t shop at that specific bookstore, but I had to go, because they were having a going-out-of-business sale, and yesterday was the last day. So all the books were 40% off, and all non-book items were 75% off! Had I known this, I would’ve gone sooner. In fact, I did actually want to, since they sent me the e-mail, but we just never got around to it. I ended up buying those 2 things, a Dora book for little sister, and “Naturally Clean: The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy, Non-Toxic Cleaning”. I’m very glad I came across it, I’ve been wanting a “bible” of sorts for natural cleaning. I don’t like to buy books on impulse, I normally do research, read reviews, etc., but it just wasn’t possible in this case. I’m sure it’ll work out fine.

sorting hat


Naturally Clean

I love a good bargain.