My mom rocks.

I took my mom to the eye doctor for about the 10th time this morning, and when we were done, asked her if she’d mind going to the store for “5 minutes”. She said it was fine, so we went to Anthropologie. My only goal was to try on this Jane Austen-esque coat I fell in love with from the catalogue, to see if the online reviews were right, so that I could maybe ask for it for Christmas. Most of the reviewers complained about the boxy fit, and that the skirt was too poofy & short. Well, sad to say, they were right. Except for the “too poofy” part – I didn’t mind the skirt. I love the style so much, and every detail, and the soft-as-velvet fabric, but it just didn’t fit right. So sad! So disappointing.

HOWEVER… I happened to see this other coat I fell in love with, from maybe 2 catalogues ago, and it was on sale! Still way too expensive (down to $179.95 from $288!), but I had to try it on. It fit like a dream! AND it has pockets. My mom was in the dressing room with me, and liked it too, so she asked me if I wanted her to buy it for me. I told her it was too expensive. I was going to put it on hold, though, just in case my husband wanted to get it for me for Christmas. But as I was approaching the front counter, my mom asked if I wanted it as both a Christmas and birthday gift from her. I paused, and asked if she was sure, then agreed & felt awfully grateful. And that’s why my mom rocks.